Photoshop video tutorials

i had some trouble with editing my video because the frames would somehow end up on the same timeline so i went online to get some help.

this was one of the videos that really helped a lot.

at first i didn’t actually know what the problem was, especially why they figures in my video wasn’t moving.


sound wave

so i actually managed to create my own sound wave on photoshop and hopefully get to use it for my collage project.


i looked up some videos online and this was the one that taught me how to do it. i didn’t even know it was this simple!

video editing tests

the collage project has really made me remember the time when i used to play around with video editing and youtube. this was one of my test videos.

it’s just a bunch of clips from when i was in Cali, the Stonehenge in London, the NY aquarium in Brooklyn, Paris and Grand Central Station in the city.

originally, the video didn’t have any audio or music which i thought was unusual and very unlike me so i used one of the free tracks from youtube.

inspo for collage

since i figured i wanted to combine two of my concepts (sound wave and speed), i decided to look up some running videos. these were some of the videos i was really fascinated with:

and this was especially great because it is exactly what i was looking for. it’s a breakdown of the science of running.

i was looking more of a human exercise test but this was going to do for now.

Cinematography/ commentary..

.. of a scene from (500) Days of Summer starring Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Zooey Deschanel.

this movie was one of my highly expected and, eventually became, favorite movie at the time. the end of this scene is what interests me after finally understanding the premise of the whole movie. i just love the part where the scene changes from a regular, normal, colored screen:


to gradually turning into a drawing on paper:


what i love about this movie also is that the timeline or story of the movie doesn’t go from boy meets girl, they fall in love, they break up, girl gets married to another guy. it doesn’t follow the typical film structure. it starts with boy meets girl but it also jumps back and forth from when they went on  dates then to a scene where you can see their relationship gradually tanks and then goes back up to the positive parts of the relationship, etc. i didn’t understand the brilliance of this until i got older and moved past the exterior love relationship stuff and really understood it for what they really wanted to tell as a movie.

actually, i can do a whole breakdown of the movie since i’ve seen it so many times and i have a copy of it but i want to focus more on the sketch scene that they decided to incorporate in the movie. it’s a very interesting addition to the movie. and it fits very well because when the days change, they use title cards and a progression of the environment as the number of days increase and eventually lead up to 500.

in my head, i just started seeing things like that. it actually happened today when i left class and start walking down the hallway. not in way that is depressing and “my world is crumbling down” like in the movie but more like i saw a caricature of a man in front of my standing at the end of the hallway in this non monochromatic world of reality.

i also think i might incorporate that in my stop motion project. i’m not sure how but we’ll see.

The Jane Doze


The Jane Doze, according to their website,  are “former mild-mannered music biz employees by day and kickass electronic dance music DJs by night, New York-based DJ/production duo Jen Mozenter and Claire Schlissel ditched their desk jobs for the decks. So far? Seems to have been the right choice. In the three years they’ve been spinning tunes, The Jane Doze have garnered a couple of million YouTube views and Soundcloud plays, and countless artistic endorsements. They’ve shared stages with Calvin Harris and Diplo, playing from New York City to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. As the duo’s fan base and digital footprint grow exponentially, the pair continues to make a mark on the live music scene. So put your antlers up, it’s go time!”

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Remembering Paris, FR

this had been on my mind a lot lately and i remember thinking how cool it was that they did this in Paris instead of putting up bright, neon orange construction signs.img_1825

apparently, when i was visited last year in May, in Paris, they put up mirages of the reconstructed building. i think it’s part of their aesthetics. i’ve always known that Paris was known for their arts but i never knew they went to this extent for it. take a look!

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